Serving Montana Agriculture and growing prosperity under the Big Sky

Program Priorities

Program Priorities

three-silos-photo-by-Todd-Klassy.pngProviding Farmer Education on Specialty Crop(s)

  • Farm to institution practices
  • Value-added production
  • Farm and food safety
  • Organic production
  • Soil health and conservation
  • Industry promotion and marketing development

Planning and Supporting Infrastructures that Create or Support Specialty Crop(s)

  • Cost-sharing and cooperative models for storage
  • Distribution system efficiency, cost-savings and resiliency
  • Regional and state processing infrastructure planning
  • Farm to Institute

Supporting Research in the Areas of Specialty Crop(s)

  • Drought tolerant, Cold tolerant, and disease resistant varieties
  • Low external-input growing methods
  • Low-cost technology development for the producer
  • Use of beneficial organisms
  • Specialty crop training in production methods

Building Consumer and Buyer Relationships

  • Regional and statewide education and marketing efforts around specialty crop products
  • Marketing opportunities to connect producers and buyers

Strengthening Producer Networks and Associations

  • Producer networking events
  • Capacity building
  • Use of available forums for producer connections
  • Encourage consumer education

Representing a Geographic Diversity of Projects across the State, with Rural Consideration