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Reciprocal Pesticide Licenses

Reciprocal Pesticide Licenses

Reciprocal licensing allows those with a pesticide applicator or dealer license in other states to become licensed in Montana without taking the full Montana examination series. Individuals moving to Montana are not eligible for reciprocity and must take the appropriate Montana examination series.

Do you Qualify?

Reciprocity is offered to dealers or applicators that hold active license with like categories to Montana. Not all applicators, license types, or states are eligible for reciprocity. Reciprocal dealer licenses are not required for individuals to sell or distribute pesticides into Montana from out of state. A dealer license is required however, if an individual travels to Montana to market, sell or advise on pesticide products.

To determine if your pesticide license is eligible for reciprocity, please review the state by state list of eligible licenses and categories. States with approved Certification and Training Plans have been reviewed. If your state is not represented in the list, please contact Matt Deaton @ 406-444-3676 for consideration before attempting the MT Out-of-State exam, sending an application, and payment to the department.

How to Obtain a Reciprocal License

  • Take and pass the Montana Out-of-State exam.
  • Service of Process with Montana must be filed with the Montana Secretary of State.
    • Unless you or your employer have already established service of process, you must complete and submit this form with a $5.00 payment to the Montana Secretary of State.
  • Request your state’s pesticide regulatory department to send a Letter of Good Standing directly to the MDA. Letters may be sent to
  • Provide a copy, front and back, of your current pesticide license(s), from your state of residence with your application.
  • Submit a completed out of state application with the associated fees.

How to Maintain your Reciprocal License


MT reciprocal licenses must be renewed annually with the appropriate fees and documentation. Renewals will be mailed out each November with the subsequent licensing cycle starting January 1st. Renewal documentation for reciprocal licenses includes an updated copy of your resident pesticide license, a letter of good standing from your resident state, and the renewal application with the appropriate fees.

If while holding an active MT Reciprocal license your resident pesticide license is canceled, suspended, not renewed, or otherwise made no longer active in your state of residency you must notify the MT Department of Agriculture immediately. Only individuals with an active license in their resident state are eligible for continued reciprocity in MT.


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