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Pesticide Container Recycling FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

All containers must be empty and triple-rinsed or power washed. Containers must have booklets, labels, foil liners, and any metal removed. Any container larger than a 2.5 gal. container must be cut up into pieces no larger than 2ft by 2ft. For example, a 5 gal. bucket must be cut directly in half. A 30 gal. or 50 gal. barrel must be cut into 8 pieces.

Foil liners and label booklets need to be removed so that they do not contaminate the plastic for recycling. The caps of pesticide containers are a different type of plastic and are thicker so they do not melt properly in the recycling process, and thus they need to be removed.

Click here to find a collection site near you, or contact Carli Davis at (406)465-0531.

There are specific requirements to have your own collection site. Please contact Carli Davis for more information at (406)465-0531.

Once 40,000 lbs. of plastic is collected, it is shipped to an approved Ag Container Recycling Council facility to be washed, re-melted into pellets, and used in construction of field drain pipe.

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