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Producer Form Instructions

Form Instructions

          Please read the instructions below before completing any forms.

For All Forms

  • Download and save form files to your computer first before you begin filling them out.
  • Do not fill out forms directly in your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Edge, etc.), or errors may occur that require you to resubmit your form(s).
  • Adobe (PDF) documents can also be completed electronically for mailing or emailing and have smaller files sizes and faster download times.
    PDF documents require Adobe Reader. Download a free version of Adobe Reader.
    Do not use any other application to fill out forms, or errors may occur that require you to resubmit your form(s).

For Mac Users

  • Download and use the free Adobe Reader for Mac using the link above. Do not use any other application, such as Apple's Preview, to fill out electronic forms. Apps other than Reader may cause conflicts that may render your completed forms unreadable by our staff, in which case you will be required to resubmit.

For iPad/Tablet Users

  • We do not recommend using an iPad or similar tablet devices to fill out electronic forms. Errors can occur when using iPads or similar devices.

National Organic Program Code of Federal Regulations