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Reporting Requirements for Producers

  1. Producers are required to report any updates or changes related to the licensed entity and hemp plantings, including but not limited to contact information, variety, strain, location, and harvest dates to the department and to FSA.
  2. Producers are required to report their hemp growing locations and acreage to the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA). In turn, FSA will assign “Lot Numbers” that must be reported to the Montana Department of Agriculture on the Stage 2 Hemp Planting Report.  Click the box below for more information.
  3. Producers are responsible for contacting the department a minimum of 30 days prior to harvest to confirm actual harvest date and schedule an inspection within 3-weeks pre-harvest. A complete list of inspector contacts.

Crops harvested without notification of harvest, regardless of category, are subject to destruction.  Crops harvested later than the time allowed after official sampling are also subject to destruction.  Crops that are not harvested within the time frame allowed after official samples are collected may result in additional sampling with the license holder being responsible for additional fees and a non-compliance.

  1. Producers must submit an Annual Hemp Harvest/Disposal Report listing the harvest and disposal of any hemp grown by the licensee. This form can be submitted at any time after harvest but is due no later than December 1st. Please email for a copy of this form. 
  2. Producers must keep all records related to the planting, growing, harvesting, storage, destruction, distribution, sale and/or processing of hemp, and make those records available for inspection for a minimum of three years.