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Fertilizer Licensing

Fertilizer Licensing

The fertilizer program licenses commercial fertilizer manufacturers, distributors and dealers to ensure the quality of fertilizer and soil amendment products sold in Montana.


  • Safeguard the health of humans, animals, and plants
  • Promote high-quality commercial fertilizer and soil amendment products that are safe, uniform and effective
  • Verify truth in labeling of products
  • Ensure standardization and uniformity of terms and definitions used in the fertilizer industry
The program investigates complaints and collects random samples of products at manufacturing sites, storage areas, distribution and transit points, retail stores and end-user locations. Samples are sent to the department's Analytical Laboratory in Bozeman, which analyzes them for compliance with labeling claims and for the presence of trace metals that may be harmful to plants, animals or humans.
Results are reported to the registrant or blending facility. All fertilizer products must be labeled properly and accurately. If there are any problems, the registrant or blending facility is contacted for resolution. 

Who Needs a Fertilizer License?

Any business that manufactures a commercial fertilizer or soil amendment sold in Montana, or who distributes a commercial fertilizer or soil amendment in Montana needs a fertilizer license. Distributors of un-manipulated animal or vegetable manures and specialty products (specialty fertilizer and soil amendments primarily not for agricultural use) are exempt. Each facility distributing or handling commercial fertilizers or soil amendments in Montana must have a license. Licensing renewals must be received by January 1st of each year.

Specialty Fertilizers & Soil Amendments

A specialty fertilizer is a commercial fertilizer, dry or liquid, that is distributed primarily for non-farm use and includes commercial fertilizers used for research or experimental purposes (MCA 8-10-101(b)(iv)).
Soil Amendments packaged and labeled primarily for non-farm use will be regulated in the same manner as specialty fertilizers. Soil Amendments (a.k.a. "Specialty Soil Amendments") meeting this definition are still required to be registered with the department. However, any person that only distributes “Specialty Products” (fertilizer and soil amendments) are exempt from licensing, reporting bi-annual tonnage assessment and reporting semi-annual tonnage.

Fees: Annual Fertilizer Dealer License

  • $75.00 - Application for licensing a new location
  • $50.00 - Renewal application received before January 1st
  • $75.00 - Renewal Application received after January 1st

Montana Rules & Code: Fertilizer

PDF Fertilizer Tonnage reporting forms are available upon request.