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Commodity Warehouse License

Commodity Warehouse Licensing

A commodity warehouse is an elevator, mill warehouse, sub-terminal grain warehouse, public warehouse or other facility compensated to store, handle, process, or shipment commodities.

Facilities that maintain a  U.S. Warehouse Act License do not require a state warehouse license. A public warehouse operator must post storage and handling charges for the facility. Operators must maintain current records of all agricultural commodities stored, conditioned, handled, or shipped.

Current list of licensed Montana Commodity Dealers/Warehouses

Commodity Dealer Licensing Requirements

Forms to be completed for a commodity warehouse license are listed and linked below.

  • Dealer/Warehouse License Application Form
  • Bonding Options: Surety BondCertificate of Deposit, or  Letter of Credit
  • Certificate of insurance for policy that covers stored commodities
  • Sample copies of warehouse receipt, scale ticket and delayed payment contract, if applicable
  • Schedule of storage charges and other services (must be posted at location)
  • Current drawing of warehouse including dimensions and volumes
  • Financial statement prepared by a licensed accountant in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Visit the Secretary of State website for Designation of Agent form required for companies doing business in the state but headquartered outside Montana.


Commodity Warehouse fees and renewals are collected annually. Licensing fees are per location and separate commodity dealer licenses are required for each location.

  • New license applications and renewals (prior to July 1):  $464 per Montana location
  • New applications and renewals with seed dealer fee reduction:  $100 per location
  • Late fee for annual renewals submitted after July 1:  $50

Montana Rules & Code: Commodity Dealer and Warehouse Licensing




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