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Commercial Kitchens

Montana Commercial Kitchens

Helping Montana food manufacturers find facilities for rent in which they can manufacture their product.

Map of commercial kitchen spaces in Montana.


Hi-Line Kitchen Processing
Thayne Mackey
47466 US Highway 2
P.O. Box 1546
Malta, MT 59538
The Hi-Line Kitchen Processing and Garden Center is a certified commercial kitchen for 'larger than home' cooks to make their wares. Farm to Plate Processing. Tree nursery and veggies for transplant and production.


Moonlight Kitchens, LLC

Anne Little
Moonlight Kitchens offers a fresh incubator atmosphere, two full commercial kitchens, a work room, storage, and a cleaning area.
Download pictures of the facility (pdf format)

Plant Perks Commissary Kitchen

Tiffany Perkins-Cole
Jared Perkins
1500 Burns St Ste A
Missoula, MT 59802

Plant Perks is a low-cost, low-risk, and full-service commissary kitchen space that supports food entrepreneurs as they create, produce, and expand their businesses with simple online scheduling, state-of-the-art equipment, central location, food business consulting, and community support with other enthusiastic food vendors.

Montana Co-Packers

Helping Montana food manufacturers find co-packers to manufacture their product for them.


Cream of the West
Alicia Moe
Examples of products that can be co-packed here:

  • ~Dry mixes
  • ~Flour
  • ~Grains
  • ~Tea


Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center
Jan Tusick
Examples of products that can be co-packed here: Raw vegetables, including:

  • ~Pitted, sweet Flathead cherries
  • ~Butternut squash cubes
  • ~Roasted pie pumpkin puree
  • ~Blanched green beans
  • ~Diced onions
  • ~Diced peppers
  • ~Shredded zucchini
  • ~Shredded carrots
  • ~Cut carrot coins
  • ~Cubed melons
  • ~Bell pepper rings
  • ~Cut cucumbers

Download pictures of the facility (pdf format)

Know of a Montana commercial kitchen or co-packer not on our list? Contact the Agricultural Development Division at (406) 444-2402 or email

The Montana Department of Agriculture maintains this list as a service to the Agricultural industry and particularly to those in need of commercial kitchen space or a co-packer and those who have it to provide. The department maintains this list and makes it available with the expectation that all buyers and sellers will treat each other in an equitable and lawful manner. However, the department makes no representations, express or implied as to the amount, kind or quality of anything listed or as to the character of the participants.